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B the community: Quinn discussion & beyond
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Love My Ishmael?
Hate it?
Do you want to be a Leaver?
Do you think the writer of Ishmael was a crackpot?
This might be the community for you.

"After_B" is a community for discussion of issues raised by the works of animist philosopher & novelist Daniel Quinn. Although you don't really have to be a Quinnie to join, it does help if you know what we're talking about. We welcome the discussion of issues inspired by the novels of Daniel Quinn, as well as (intelligible) critiques of his worldview.

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At last Adam said: "You're beginning to know the Law of Life. I too am beginning to know the Law of Life. If you ask me on my last day, as I close my eyes for the last time, whether I know the Law of Life, I'll tell you: 'I'm beginning to know it.'
"If any man tells you he knows the whole of the Law of Life or that he can encompass it in words, that man is a fool or a liar, because the Law of Life is written in the universe and no man can know the whole of it. If ever you're in doubt about the Law, consult the caterpillar or the gull or the jackal; no man will ever know it better or follow it more steadfastly than they."

The Tales of Adam