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Zero Growth

I am excited to read about the parents in this group. Almost every Ishmael group I have joined on-line or in person has been peopled with child-free individuals.
I believe that the challenges are different for parents. I'm curious to know if others feel the same.

I was introduced to Ishmael by my brother in 1996, when my first child was six months old. By the time my second was born, in 2002 my brother was deeply involved in zerogrowth. He and his wife made the permanent decision to not have children. They started referring to all people with children as breeders. He told me that mindless breeding is bad enough but it's even worse for those that *know better.* Implying that I should know better since I read Ishmael. In effect he has put me in a position to justify my children, as well as suggested that I am less responsible and more damaging by having them.

More recently he has said, "Should the slave thank his mother, also a slave, for bringing him into a world of endless labor?" in regards to our parents, but I can't help but transfer that condemnation unto myself. I haven't responded to this yet.

To a large degree child-free individuals have more liberty to live in a different way, more opportunity to make drastic life changes, and less obligation to stay withing the legal limits and social confines of this system. IMO

Any thoughts on parenting?
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