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I cannot adequately express my utter joy and profound respect for the writings of Daniel Quinn. Yes he is controversial (I seldom adore anyone who isn't - lol), and the link I just provided doesn't give the most glowing biography. Nevertheless, I am truly gobsmacked by his ideas.

For the rest of my life, every book, tv show, documentary, advertisement, myth, or feature film I read or see will be divided into BQ and AQ - before I read Quinn, and after I read Quinn. I feel like the context of all of my "cultural experiences" have been firmly grasped and given a sharp turn. My trajectory is forever altered.

My god, he's taken me BEYOND Buddhism. I don't actually even consider myself a Buddhist, but in general I've found that overall approach to "how we should live" to be ultimate or best or truest articulation of it thus far seen upon this planet.

But now, suddenly, I see a fundamental flaw in Siddhartha's perception of suffering. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I can see the "filter" through which he experienced his world. It is not anything that invalidates all of his teachings, by any means - I'm not throwing out the proverbial baby Buddha with the bathwater! But it gives me an insight into something I'd never thought of before, which is always exciting.

I'm far too tired to try to articulate this here, now. And if you are not familiar with Quinn's books, I'm not even sure I could explain it - certainly not with anything remotely resembling brevity, anyway. I really just wanted to share the joy of having a new idea to play with.

Everything old is new again!
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