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Just started reading Ishmael

So I just began reading Ishmael, and I'm very much reminded of Richard Bach, Robert M. Pirsig, and Paulo Cohelo.

In a good way. ;) But even more profound.

I wish my seven-yeard-old could read this book and understand it. He asks so many questions, and I want to always tell him the Truth, but sometimes I'm afraid of what might happen to him if I do.

Some folks can only take so much Truth at a time...I must be one of them, because my head feels a bit swimmy - even though every word I read seems not so much as a revelation, but as a reminder of something I've always known, but forgotten, as though in another life...collective unconscious de ja vu, sort of. Call it what you will.

Sorry if I'm not making sense. Sometimes it's like that. ;) Got a lot in my head right now.

Well, back to it...
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